CFPM Knows that there is nothing cute about acute pain!

LPI Knows that there is nothing cute about acute pain!


What is acute pain? Acute pain begins suddenly and is usually sharp in quality. It serves as a warning of disease or a threat to the body. There are several events or circumstances that may be the cause of acute pain, including:

  • Surgery
  • Broken bones
  • Dental work
  • Burns or cuts
  • Labor and childbirth

Acute pain may be mild and last for just a moment, or it may be severe and last for weeks or even months. In most cases, acute pain does not last longer than six months, and it disappears when the root cause of the pain has been treated or once the injury that initially caused the pain has healed. It is important to know that unrelieved acute pain could lead to chronic pain. Early treatment of acute pain can prevent chronic pain syndrome.


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