“Relieving Pain, Changing Lives.”

Pain is invasive and insidious. Acute pain (less than six months) creates panic; chronic pain destroys hope. Nationally, over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. On a personal level, pain threatens to destroy everything you hold dear: stamina, work, recreation, relationships, self-esteem, and joy. When you are in pain, even the most enjoyable moments are diminished. Unfortunately, in the rush to treat the underlying condition, a patient’s pain is often sidelined as of secondary importance, when to the patient, it is of primary concern.

Coming from a family of doctors, Dr. Ana Lipson was halfway through her training to be an internist when she realized that her calling was to focus on pain management. The mission statement of her medical practice, Lipson Pain Institute, conveys her passion – “Relieving Pain, Changing Lives” – for the relief of pain that has a profound effect on people.

Pain management is a relatively new specialty, and Dr. Lipson’s practice has paralleled its evolution. As one of the first fellowship-trained pain management specialists in Lakeland, and then Winter Haven in 1998, Dr. Lipson finds fulfillment in the long-term relationships she establishes with her patients. A life-long Polk County resident, she thinks of her community as her extended family and does everything possible to positively impact the lives of her patients.

Dr. Lipson is energized by her conviction that no matter what a patient’s condition, there is always something she can do to make that person better. Rather than rely solely on narcotics and injections to relieve pain, Dr. Lipson provides a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach which includes use of noninvasive therapy, education, acupuncture, physical and occupational therapy, psychological support, and lifestyle and exercise counseling. When more invasive treatments are needed, Dr. Lipson offers a variety of types of trigger point injections, peripheral nerve blocks and ablation therapies. For patients who need narcotics, she provides careful monitoring.

Dr. Lipson’s unique background in internal medicine and anesthesiology allows her to understand the interplay of multiple medical issues and their impact on the human body. Thus, she often has different ideas on how to approach pain, particularly when standard treatments have failed to work. Recovery is also greatly impacted by emotions, and so Dr. Lipson addresses issues of depression, sleep disruption, and physical therapy along with other approaches.

Dr. Lipson says, “There is no reason to suffer in silence or to feel no one understands your pain.”



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