Dr. Lipson specializes in diagnosis and management of the following types of pain:

Neck Pain
* cervical strain or radiculopthay
* torticollis​

Chronic Gastrointestinal Pain
* chronic pancreatitis pain
* visceral type pain
* postsurgical adhesion type pain​

Myofascial/Joint Pain Syndrome
* tender points
* muscle spasms
* pelvic pain
* hip pain
* sacroiliac joint dysfunction
* hand, joint, other joint pain syndromes​

Nerve Root Pain
* brachial plexus lesions
* lumbosacral plexus lesion or injury
* peripheral nerve injury
* radicular pain – lower and upper extremities​

Back Pain
* mechanical injuries
* spinal stenosis
* coccydynia
* failed back – post laminectomy syndrome​

​Sympathetic Mediated Pain/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
* reflex sympathetic dystrophy/causalgia

​Musculoskeletal Pain
* post thoracotomy syndrome
* rib fractures
* intercostal neuralgia
* spasticiy – secondary to multiple sclerosis​

Neuropathic Pain Syndrome
* acute herpes zoster
* post herpetic neuralgia
* neuropathy, i.e. diabetes, alcohol, idiopathic
* deafferentation type pain, phantom limb pain
* neuroma, post surgical incision pain
* peripheral nerve injury – ilionguinal nerve injury, peripheral vascular disease

Cancer Pain

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