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Not only large nerves can cause pain, small nerves count as well. Quite often a group of small nerves can cause a cycle of pain which can present with odd or usual symptoms along with pain.

The Stellate Ganglion is located in the neck. By performing a stellate ganglion block, which is a injection of local anesthetic in the front of the neck, we interrupt the cycle of pain in certain conditions, including:

  • reflex sympathetic dystrophy (pain, color changes, swelling no know nerve)
  • causalgia (known nerve)
  • herpes zoster (shingles)
  • raynaud (numbness in extremities, excessive reduced blood flow in response to cold or stress)
  • crest (connectie tissue disorder)

Stellate ganglion nerve blocks could be diagnostic (provides information regarding the condition we’re treating) and therapeutic (addressing the pain).


Ana Lipson MD Central Florida Pain Management

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