The FDA Orders Major Changes for Narcotics Containing Tylenol

Tylenol is a very inexpensive, popular, over the counter analgesic. Many narcotic preparations, such as Vicodin and Percocet, contain Tylenol. The levels of Tylenol, within these narcotics, can be in the ranges of 500-750 mg per tablet. The FDA restricted the amount of Tylenol to 325 mg per narcotic tablet, as of January 2013. Tylenol is often used as the initialtreatment for the management of pain. The toxic dose of Tylenol, in a 24 hour period, is 4000 mg.

The reason that this becomes an important conversation, is that many patients use over the counter products containing Tylenol, in addition to the prescribed narcotics. This over the counter consumption of Tylenol, in addition to the narcotic preparation, already including Tylenol can lead to liver damage or liver failure. Through close monitoring of medications, staff and patient education, Lipson Pain Institute is working hard to ensure the safety of every patient within our care.


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